Application Performance Monitoring

” Gartner’s Magic Quadrant on Application performance monitoring space reports that the two key criteria that clearly separates the leaders from the visionaries and the niche players are ‘completeness of vision’ and ‘ability to execute’. “

Infrastructure monitoring

If you’re an operations or reliability leader, you need to understand how and when enterprise assets fail, so you can take immediate action and reduce risk for critical operations. Application performance monitoring enhances asset management insights with targeted automation, analytics and AI.

Network monitoring

Bottlenecks w.r.t bandwidth and server performance w.r.t proxies, firewalls, manageable switches/ routes, gateways impedes the overall application adoption. Thus it is imperative to keep a check on these proactively to avoid glitches with respect to Network.

Application monitoring

Production issues takes high MTTD & MTTR. Cost of detection of the root cause takes enormous amount of effort and time from different stake holders. Code level insights to improve the performance is a real challenge which application monitoring bridges.

Baselining & alerting

Dynamic baselining of thresholds and smart alerting to make a proactive remediation is a key aspect of performance monitoring. ApMoSys with over a decade of experience is able to help customers with templatized formats, saving them from innumerous false alerts, and enable support team focus on real application concerns.

End user monitoring

Application adoptions purely depend on the usability of an application. Issues which an end user faces sometimes does not translate to a reproducible scenarios from just the logs and db traces. Thus need of end user monitoring to keep the evidences of the end user screen during the time of error helps speedy fix of the application end user concerns hence helps greater and better application adoptions.

Dashboards & reporting

Ability of presenting the parameters of application performance as readily reckonable manner on a single click on a dashboard helps business and tech teams to keep the application under monitor proactively sane with high availability. ApMoSys over a decade of performance engineering provides ace report and dashboards and reporting capabilities on top of all top industry APM solutions.

performance management

Application performance monitoring – capabilities

Remote monitoring

Gives the maintenance team the ability to track the anomalies more efficiently, using remote monitoring which helps team to see, predict and prevent issues across legacy system and data driven operations.

Predictive maintenance

Improve application reliability with condition based maintenance by using application health insights from operational data analytics and help predict and plan for application failures.

Our differentiators

Log management

View production information, application logs, and performance issues in the same console. You won't need access to production servers to troubleshoot servers.

Understand external dependencies

Visualize application topology and gain a holistic view of your application architecture, from URLs to SQL queries. Identify component failure at a single glance and debug method level errors.

Tool expertise

ApMoSys specialists are skilled in a wide range of advanced tool sets prevalent in the industry, including Appdynamics, Dynatrace, Heal, Site24x7, Prometheus, Apache Skywalking, APM Elastic. We are also premium partners with leading APM products. We also have internally developed monitoring solutions for small scale monitoring projects.

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