artificial intelligence testing

Artificial Intelligence testing

Artificial Intelligence includes algorithms such as predictive analytics, clustering, time series or sentiment analytics for any business scenario. There are two parts to it :

Testing AI based applications

We have expertise in algorithmic validation of AI/ML and deep learning functionalities which can help test different banking and financial sector applications like Fixed Deposit amount, Recurring Deposit amount, Margins in Security Trading, etc. by creating various test suites. Also automating these test scenarios for making regression testing with ease and grace is an experience we do carry.

Use of AI in testing

Defect analytics

Artificial Intelligence based sentiment analytics, ApMoSys Sentiment Analyzer (ASeA): Categorize the overall sentiment  (positive, negative, neutral) for better decision making.

Realtime dashboard and AI-based predictive analytics: Analytics driven workload modelling for defect prediction, code coverage, response time & scalability prediction.

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