Data Migration Testing

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Data Migration Testing

Process of migrating all the data of one database of an application to another database is called database migration.

The application should be stable and the data in the database should be correct and valid for this type of migration. Thus while migrating between databases format, type, value etc., matters.

Database migration benefits are as follows:

  • Customer data span across multiple databases at the backend, backed up by application.
  • Data enhancement type of activities can be carried out.
  • Proper analysis of data is required to help in improve the data quality.
  • For keeping the database clean and effective data sampling & data cleansing methods are adopted.
data migration testing

Database migration examples are as follows:

  • Migration from one RDBMS to another RDBMS.
  • Migration from RDBMS to MongoDB.
  • Upgrading from Informix HC4 to HC6 or HC7.

Testing activities will be:

  • Ensure if the legacy database is not updated during tests after migration.
  • Data accuracy with respect to completeness to be ensured.
  • Mapping at table and field levels are intact.
  • Pre and Post-migration testing activities are carried out.

Please find the list of test scenarios listed below:

i] Incase of migration is done on the same type of database:

  • Database queries should yield the same results in the new database as they yielded in the older one.
  • Record counts should match from old to the new database, which requires appropriate automation tool.

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ii] Incase of migration to a different database there are few more validation to be carried out:

  • Data handling for all the fields to be verified especially for the floating numbers, hexadecimals & for calendar dates.
data migration testing

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