UI / UX testing

UI testing focuses on testing the user interface of a website or other products to make sure everything functions as intended and that users understand how to use the UI. UX testing, on the other side, focuses on the overall experience of the user and how the product or website makes the user feel.

Method of measuring the ease and user friendliness of a software application is know as User Experience (UX) Testing.

There are many software applications/websites, which miserably fail, once launched, due to following reasons –

  • What next to click?
  • What would be the navigation flow?
  • What is represented by the Icons & Jargons displayed?
  • Consistency & effectiveness of the error messages displayed.
  • Insufficient Session time.
ui ux testing

The objective of this test is to measure the satisfaction level of end users w.r.t the following parameters of the system:

The effectiveness of the system

  • Is the system is easy to learn/follow?
  • What value adds or usefulness the end user is experiencing?
  • Are content, color, icons, images used are aesthetically pleasing and helping in navigation?


  • No outdated or incorrect data like contact information / address should be present.
  • No broken links should be present.


  • Desired screen or webpage is obtained with the least navigation with very less need of usage of scrollbars.
  • Screen/Pages in your application/website should have uniformity.
  • Content of the application or website is searchable easily.

User friendliness

  • Website functionality should be self explanatory for each "controls" in the webpage.
  • Wherever required “Help” should be available for the users to self learn the usage of the application/website.
  • “Site Map” may be provided for content heavy websites to help users navigating pages.
  • Alignment with the above goals ensures effective testing w.r.t usability.

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