Infrastructure Monitoring

A leading APM manufacturer in their CIO Report 2022 has given the following observations as regards Infrastructure Monitoring.

                 • 99% of organizations have multi-cloud environments, and use, on average, 7 monitoring solutions to manage them.
                • 58% of IT leaders say infrastructure management is a growing drain on resources.
               • 56% say traditional monitoring approaches must be replaced with a platform that can provide end-to-end observability across multi-clouds.

Traditional monitoring methods are unable to keep up; 100% of organizations are planning to adopt open observability standards in the next 2 years.

infrastructure monitoring

Infrastructure monitoring

Digital transformation is everywhere and in every industry. Organizations are under pressure to keep up with the increasing pace of innovation, which is increasing the need for agility and scalability. This has fueled the shift towards multi-cloud environments.

With each new cloud service or platform added to their infrastructure, however, complexity grows. This is increasing the burden on already stretched teams tasked with monitoring the digital infrastructure that underpins today’s organizations. These team are drowning in data leaving little time for innovation.

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Infrastructure monitoring - highlights

Advanced observability at scale for all infrastructure

Automatically monitor all infrastructure, including cloud, hybrid, containers, VMs, network, servers, storage and more. Get advanced observability across PaaS and container technologies, process detection and resource utilization, network usage and performance, log monitoring, third-party data and event integration.

Break down apps and infra silos with an all-in-one approach

Infrastructure monitoring is part of our full-stack monitoring solution. One solution providing a unified view across the full stack, from applications to infrastructure and user experience, all in context, continuously analyzing billions of dependencies, providing precise root cause determination. Eliminate alert storms from siloed tool sprawl and focus resources on proactive actions with the highest impact.

Quantify the impact radius and impact of every problem

Visualize relationships and dependencies for all of your infrastructure and the applications running on them to:
  • Quickly isolate the source of problems impacting multiple entities.
  • Time travel back to incident origins and replay historical state.
  • Improve understanding and reduce time to act.

Find answers faster and make teams more productive

AI-assistance continuously monitors all infrastructure to detect anomalies and deliver precise answers prioritized by business impact. Multiplies the team’s productivity and shifts the focus to what matters – proactive action, innovation and business results.

Automate incident management to solve problems faster

Our infrastructure monitoring seamlessly integrates with ITSM solutions like ServiceNow, to enable real-time CMDB updates, automatic ticketing and auto-triggering of remediation workflows.


Coverage of Infrastructure monitoring not just on premises platform but also on private and public cloud platforms is indispensable considering global cloud migrations. Extend infrastructure observability to anything using writing to a log file with custom metrics based on log data.

Our differentiators


ApMoSys monitoring solution is automatic. The solution is automatic as in : zero-touch configuration, continuous discovery, and topology, mapping in real time, with instant answers and precise causation.

Full stack

Understand all the relationships and interdependencies, top to bottom — from cloud infrastructure, applications and micro services, to end-user experience.


Provides instant precise answers, with explainable AI engine which is prioritizes root cause analysis and business impact.

Enterprise scale

Automatic, enterprise-wide deployment with support for latest cloud-native architectures and role-based governance.

Tool expertise

ApMoSys specialists are skilled in a wide range of advanced tool sets prevalent in the industry, including Centreon, Zabbix and Nagios. We are also premium partners with leading APM products. We also have internally developed monitoring solutions for small scale monitoring projects.

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