Database Monitoring

” 451 research studies from a survey in US, in 2021 reveal that 83% of respondents are either actively seeking new monitoring services or have plans to expand or improve their approach to monitoring. Only 11% said they are satisfied. Users are demanding new functionality from vendors. “

Tracking and measuring database metrices in real time is a critical component in monitoring to optimize application performance.

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Database monitoring

Database monitoring tracks the database performance and resources to create and maintain a high performing and reliable application infrastructure.

Database monitoring offers deep visibility into the key performance indicators of databases to make sure admins understand the status of their database performance at any given time, tune their databases based on the received insights, and detect any database anomaly before users get affected. Monitoring real time database performance attributes are crucial to your business operations. It also helps visualize performance critical data on the monitoring dashboard with custom database.

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Database monitoring - highlights

Detailed health metrics for each statement in database

Drill down to the SQL statement level. Find expensive statements i.e. statements that read a lot of data. Understand why some statements are easy performers. DB monitoring categorizes database activities so you have insight into how your databases are used.

Trouble database in a production environment

Proactively detect anomalies and diagnose the root cause of database-related performance issues in live production environments. We can retroactively troubleshoot and diagnose with fine-grained historical data.

Monitor high volume production environments

We can monitor key standard & custom database metrics and receive real-time alerts when thresholds deviate. We can also manage lifecycle of your database with a visual representation of dependencies across tiers of your database instances. Proactively tune & improve DB performance metrices, such as resource consumption, data base objects and schema statistics.

Scrutinize SQL statements to improvise database calls

Deep dive into how efficient your database response is for individual web transactions. Keep track of the database response time to execute background transactions in your applications, ones that are spawned in background threads. The DB monitor can pinpoint slow SQL statements hindering optimal application performance, and allow users to analyze error traces and resolve database performance issues before they impact your business. Get detailed database monitoring metrics to identify slow database calls, database usage, and overall performance of the database furnished with detailed graphical and tabular representations.

Advanced analytics for comprehensive database performance management

Monitor DB performance metrics using numerous analytical capabilities to measure and track database utilization as well as database performance trends. While capacity planning reports allow admins to understand database utilization statistics and plan resource upgrades, the forecast reports make use of machine learning algorithms to predict database utilization trends in the foreseeable future. Reports are also customizable, meaning admins can create and schedule their own reports while also choosing to export them in pdf, csv forms or publish them on an external dashboard.

Our differentiators


Our expertise is spread over a variety of solutions and frameworks. ApMoSys has extensive experience in data base monitoring spanned across companies in different categories of BFSI vertical. Our experience in various types of banks, such as PSU, corporate banks, small finance banks as well as various financial service institutions place us in a commanding position as regards monitoring domain, whether it may be application or database or services.

Understand external dependencies

ApMoSys has a lot of experience in different categories of monitoring solutions, whether it is using open source technology, or enterprise OEM solutions or even our proprietary solution. We are experts in Zabbix – an open source solution for the infra monitoring. We are proud SI partners with enterprise solutions OEMs like Dynatrace, Cisco AppDynamics for implementations and license distributors. Our own proprietary solutions RUAMBOT complements with the other OEMs in the monitoring domain and more importantly, connects all monitoring solutions to provide a single source of truth for all monitoring metrices.

We support the following frameworks; which gives the depth of our expertise.

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