ApMoSys Test Management Tool


ApMoSys Test Management tool (APTMT) is a cutting edge web based comprehensive & modern test management tool designed to cater the end to end test case plan and executions both manual and automated. It’s rich framework helps to manage and track the testing progress effortlessly & also collaborate with faster live data & its work flows.

  • Establishes traceability across value streams.
  • Intelligently automates at scale.
  • Provides way to schedule tests with DevOps, continuous testing.
  • Helps unifying and calibrating the testing efforts.
  • Seamless communication between tester, developer and product owner.
  • Auto test scheduling and ease-of integration features with bug tracking tools.
  • Enriched dashboard throughputs real-time insights into projects.
  • Helps with agile test tracking with velocity.

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