Worried about Testing Compatibility across OS, Browsers and huge infra cost? Imagine a testing platform with complete flexibility to choose from a range of OS and browsers for testing and that too on Demand! Think it is illusory? Definitely not! ApMoSys Protean introduces you to a world of all of these and much more.

  • ApMoSys Protean offers a platform which contains a plethora of on-demand browsers, OS systems and mobile devices!
  • Protean is a completely flexible platform supporting more than 1000 mobile devices and 1500 browsers, all encompassing. What makes it of more utility value is that there is no need to install or maintain any internal laboratory of virtual devices or emulators of any kind.
  • Protean covers any kind of testing – be it Manual or Automation testing, functionality or regression testing, real time monitoring or geo-relocation testing etc. or any variant thereof, Protean helps us to address all types with the same level of ease.

Benefits of having Protean for your business.

  • Cloud based tool with PaaS and SaaS offering, housing plethora of on-demand browsers, and mobile devices.
  • Integrated Debugging of Mobile applications (Android / IOS).
  • Geo Location Testing.
  • Integrated Automation Engine with Java, Python and Github.
  • Allows interfacing of Third party applications.
  • Provides platforms for (VAPT, Performance Testing, Functional Testing).
  • Flexible implementation approach on/off-premise.
  • Trusted by Leading Banks, Insurance, Asset Management organizaitons.

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